So...Who here is planning on taking the Voltron plunge, next Monday? Just curious.

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I got the sub, but after seeing the quick transform gimmicks, I wish I hadn't

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I have a sub, so I am in. After seeing the review, there are some things I don't like, like the quick change feature and the limited articulation in the hind legs, but I am still excited to get the Red Lion (and Lance!) and see exactly what I have gotten myself into with this sub!

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I'd be in for the pilots if they were available separately.




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I'm also in as a subscriber. So are people buying without a subscription being forced to bundle the Lions and pilots? Seems like there would be a lot of people who would want just one or the other.

Personally, while I think play gimmicks on a collectible that few children will ever see is stupid, I know I'll barely ever use them since it's the nearly 2 feet tall Voltron that I want more than anything anyway.


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I bought the sub as well. I was wondering if I had made the correct decision, but after seeing pics of the final product, I think ultimately I made the right choice. The gimmicks are disappointing, but I would have hated myself for passing on a 2 ft. Voltron.

My biggest problem is where to display it. It's waaaaaay too tall for any of my shelves.

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If not for the Toynami Voltron, I might have been more interested, but the diecast on that one and the lack of auto transform make up for it being tiny in comparison. Of course, has I bought a sub I'm sure Bandai would've announced an SOC version right after.

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I don't get the logic of the transforming feature. Kids lines like Transformers, digimon and Power Rangers give kids enough credit to transform the figure manually. Yet and adult collector line has an auto-transform feature.