Something interesting I noticed in the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-man

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During the brief glimpses of the scene where Peter has dinner at the Stacy house, Gwen mentions that Peter lives with his Aunt and Uncle, leading me to believe this scene takes place before Uncle Ben meets his untimely demise. But during this scene, the subject of Captain Stacy being unable to apprehend Spider-man comes up. This makes me think that Spidey becomes a crime fighter in this movie before losing Uncle Ben, which is a much different take on the character's origin from the comics and the Raimi films. It makes me wonder how the whole "With great power comes great responsibility" speech will be incorporated into the movie, because that has to be in there at some point right? It's Spidey's driving mantra. Also, Uncle Ben is gonna bite it in this movie too, right? His death was the catalyst to Spidey becoming the hero everybody knows.

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Yeah, I thought it was odd that uncle Ben seemed to be in the preview a lot. Seems like the driving force for this one is Peter learning about his parents' secret life. It certainly is a different take from most lore.


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