Force Friday

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Is anyone doing the Force Friday Star Wars deal? I'm only interested in the 6" figures and then only three of those.

Any inside intel on which of the big box stores will have the most stock? Thanks in advance.



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I'm more inclined to avoid the stores and just order stuff online. Less hassle and much easier and having been through this 16 years ago (Phantom Menace) I can't get too hyped up about it.

I wouldn't worry about being able to find everything - it is Star Wars. There is no question they will flood the market with a ton of new stuff.

What I wonder is how well it will sell and whether there will be any kids who are interested. Having an 8 year old I know he couldn't care less about a new Star Wars movie (or toys). His knowledge of Star Wars comes from his old parents and Angry Birds Star Wars (and he prefers the prequel trilogy).