So when does the Refresh Fest begin for HTS?

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I thought it would be next Monday but I read on Fwoosh some may be getting orders through?

Just hoping to get the MU Deadpool Set and Old Man Logan Figure. The ML is too much and I only really want Luke Cage. Thanks.

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It's usually the following Monday (which would be the 29th), but I recall a couple times it being two weeks after (that would be August 5th). But they could put it up at any time, just keep checking around and hope for the best.

Joined: 2012-01-04

I figured it would be next Monday. but I will be traveling that day unfortunatley. I just want the MU stuff from HTS, the Thunderbolts Set is too much for figures I don't care about.

Does anyone know what the price was at the show for the Old Man Logan Figure? I always collect 2 of each item I am interested in, one to open and 1 carded, and definatley want 2 of this figure but not for $60 each shipped. Since I was able to get the MU Nick Fury for $15, I was wondering what OML was selling for. There is a ton of this figure on ebay so I figure the cost must not have been too much. Thanks.