Aliens are here and once again....

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breakage issues abound. Not sure why this always happens with Aliens toys, but NECA latest line is having big time breakage issues with all 3 figures in wave one. I got rid of my McFarlance Aliens years ago because of breakage problems, the worst was the small arms on the Alien Queen.

Once again it's the brittle/weak joints to blame, same thing happened with NECA's God War Figures years ago. I did open the Alien and had no issues, but my Hicks figure has a very weak right elbow and super loose left ankle. He can't stay standing, might have to glue it shut. Anyway, I know a lot of people want these, and in case you haven't heard, treat them with kids gloves.

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I saw these are my TRU yesterday and thought about getting the Alien. Then I thought better and just an extra Knifehead from Pacific Rim. They look brittle and my McAliens suffered the same fate yours did. I can't display half of my collection, so the extra stuff has to be stored. One of the aliens I say already had the jaw broken off in package.



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In all honesty the Alien Warrior is the most amazing rendition of this character we have even gotten. Here's my review, you really want one if you're an Aliens fan.

Brian Aka clankiller (not verified)

The fragile nature of the product is disappointing to hear. I just bought Hudson and Hicjs and am seriously contemplating returning them as they are $20 each and if they break out of the package I'm going to beb pissed!

They look great though Sad much better than the job they did on Rambo which looks terrible!

Anonymous (not verified)

soooo... one of the aliens i bought is now without a leg. i don't have the box it came in. does anyone know if there's a way to get a replacement from neca?