Late To The Party: Zerboz Toys!

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I only recently discovered these things, and was able to get a full set of DC Series 1 (just got Reverse-Flash yesterday, and Justice Lords Superman today!). These things are pretty neat! A friend also got me Captain America and Green Hulk from Marvel Series 1, and I'm lookin' forward to getting more of 'em. Smile

I'd realized, too, how you can play with these figures! You can substitute 'em for Monopoly game pieces, and increase your fun immeasurably! Heh. It'd make sense for Joker to want to have Water Works so he CAN poison Gotham City! Wink

What's the consensus on these things? Do youse guys like 'em? I don't believe for a SECOND I'm the only guy who likes 'em! LOL

Just wanted to toss in me 2 cents! Smile


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c_midnite (not verified)

Popped into the forum specifically to post about these and saw your post (and fairly recent too). How funny.

Just picked up a DC Series 2 ball at Fred Meyer tonight - Lex Luthor. I picked up a few a while back at Walgreens. Seem to be mostly Batman, Superman and Joker. I saw Series 2 had Captain Marvel, Green Arrow and Hawkman - three of my all time favorites, but I don't want to spend all kinds of money to have a drawer full of Batman/Superman characters. Haven't seen Marvel ones before, but would love a Captain America.

Anyone know if some are more common than others - I understand that some series have a "chase" figure, but other than that are they pretty even? I just saw online that people were theorizing that the colors of the balls weren't random (Superman in Purple, Martian Manhunter in White, etc.).


I just got Luthor, Aquaman, Hawkman, Shazam!, Darkseid, and Batman from Series 2. I THINK Marvel's chases are all clear figures, and DC Series 2 has all clear figures for THEIR chases.

Here's the Facebook page where you can see everything they're offering:

And here's the main site:

Now, combine Zerboz's "puny" soldiers against the Hulk! LOL Smile