Any word on...Man of Steel Movie Masters questions

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Aside from the boilerplate "Stay Tuned" response, has Mattel mentioned;

-when to expect the Faora/Armored Gen. Zod wave in stores?
-whether the Superman w/Command Ring, and General Zod w/Shackles are Toys R Us exclusives?

I find it odd that they're not really pushing the PR on this or ANY Man of Steel product on MattyCollector (well, aside from the SDCC exclusive Movie Masters "box").


Mr. Tibbs

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I can't figure it out either. Target is waiting for their end of May reset to put out their MOS Product. But since the box is street dated April 28th, I forced the hand to get a set now by using the DPCI#. All 7 of the Walmarts around me have their kid friendly MOS stuff out, no Movie Masters. Kmart did get in 1 box of Movie Masters, but the Jor-el was already gone before I got there. Nothing at TRU.

BBTS did have Wave 2 of the MOS Movie Masters up for pre-order but Foara is already gone..if you want, they do have the case for $135. The one per case distribution of Jor-el and Faora will cause a lot of us to hit ebay for these figures as packing Superman at 4 figures per case, priced at $16 to $20 a pop, will completely log jam those stores that do carry the line. Atleast I was able to pick up the MOS Lego sets with zero hassle.