Marvel Universe Nick Fury at Hasbro Toy Shop now.

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Been watching since the exclusives showed up a few weeks ago. The Nick Fury exclusive from years ago is finally up on their site for $14.99 for those interested.

Mr. Tibbs


Mr. Tibbs

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tradin_jake (not verified)

Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered a Nick Fury from the site.

What other exclusives did they list previously? I found a bunch of Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends that were sold out. Did they release any of the SDCC exclusives, etc.? I checked Marvel, Transformers, GI Joe, and Star Wars, but could have missed something.

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Thanks for the heads up, I was able to get him.
I missed out on the XF Archangel and passed on the UM Doom, but I am very happy to get this one.