Spiderman Unlimited 3 3/4 figure question and Iron Man Movie 3 3/34 question

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Hi Buzzers,
Has anyone seen what I call the generic Ultimate Spiderman 3 3/4 figures (regular Spiderman and a blue translucent Spiderman figure that comes with webbing and a spider). From what I can tell there is only 2 figures for the Spiderman set (they average about $5.99, and its a small carded figure that has a blister). They are pretty cool, but hoping for some villains to be released, hoping for the beetle or many the trapster....hoping..for a Paste Pot Pete figure.

So will there be any more figures released to this series?

There is , what I call a generic Iron Man movie series, same scale, that have 4 figures to the set. I am actually thinking about getting the ghost armor iron man, I think it's called the Ghost armor, could be wrong.

So will there be a Mandarin figure released for the series?
I am hoping so. I was hoping for a Pepper Potts figure and a Tony Stark figure, in a business suit, an unmasked iron man in 3 3/4 scale. Since the movie is next month, I wonder if there will be some figures release for the movie.


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Hasbro doesnt believe in making good figures anymore plain and simple. Kids wont buy a bad guy or a female figure according to Hasbro. The days of articulated figures like from IM 2 and Thor are long gone.


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These lines are meant to be inexpensive and are targeted at children and parents even more than usual. So don't expect much variety in character choice.

The new Iron Man movie will have its own line. No announcements have been made, but Mandarin seems certain and based on the commercials for the movie I think an armored Pepper's a safe bet.

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Thanks Ringo. Even if the lines are oriented towards kids, well I have to admit , they looked pretty cool. I am still hopeful there are some surprises in those lines. The Batman line that was similar to that one, produced a Bane figure, which totally surprised me, with all the Batman figures, a Bane figure was great to see.


I am hoping, that the marvel universe puts out a thunderbolts and U foes as potential characters. Maybe the Hulk S.M.A.S.H. line will produce some bad guys, like that