Found the new 3 3/4 Gears of War Figures.....

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what a total disappointment. I found these at a Collectible Toy Store that has a direct order with NECA and charges handsomely for their toys. I was hoping to find the latest Predators Wave but I found these instead.

While these figures look like shrunken versions of their bigger Select Line, the paint apps are atrocous. I found 7 Figures there, 4 Marcus & 3 Baird all had bug eyes worse that the Indiana Jones Line from the KOTCS. I had read other reports of these figures sucking bad but nothing will prepare for how bad they truely are. Most of the painted eyes were more like smears with no pupils. I have never been good at fixing eyes on small scale figures, so these were an easy pass for me. I hear people finding these at TRU for $9.99, the store I was at was charging $14.99...LOL.

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That's disappointing as I really enjoy the GoW line.

Hopefully the QC will improve.

Right now, my interest is Disguise.