TEXAS - good collectible action figure/toy and also comic stores?

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Heading down to TX. Staying in Austin to start, but driving to Dallas. And likely San Antone and Houston. Looking for a cool store that has a lot of action figures, esp 80s'-90's figs. Looking for good comic stores too. Any recommendations are welcome.

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When you get to Dallas, look up these guys: http://www.dallasvintagetoys.com/

They're located in an office building, so you'll feel like you're about to have a clandestine government encounter, but once you get there, you'll have a great time. TONS of stuff to sort through, and some good deals to be had. Plan on spending an hour or two.

Also, Zeus is my LCS of choice: http://www.zeuscomics.com/ Though they just moved, so inventory is a bit low. If you do go, tell 'em I sent you.

Madness comics has the best selection of games and trade paperbacks around: http://www.zeuscomics.com/ But you won't find any deals.

And avoid Lone Star Comics at all costs, unless you enjoy being a victim of highway robbery.



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Austin Books is the best comic store in Texas. Diversity of product is excellent.

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Thanks, guys.

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