You've been mericlessly bullied, Charlie Brown

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OMG, there goes my entire childhood. What do you suppose they'll blog about the Christmas Peanuts special now?! Puzzled

I'm glad the accompanying poll disagrees by a landslide!!

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I wonder what the author would think about this:


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Yah, that's a great little parody; have seen it before. Not for the kiddies, for sure, but parts of it are definitely a great laugh. And did they use some of the action figures produced across the last decade or so to do the stop motion or what?!

Anyhow, since I'm already on a roll, I just want to say I think it's a shame ABC isn't airing the Great Pumpkin this year until Halloween night, effectively after trick-or-treating (8pm EDT) on a school night (Weds). What, are they going to air the Christmas special on the 26th now too?!

There goes my childhood...again. Tongue

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Political Correctness once again screws up everything and just destroys my childhood more each time.


6 Strings.....Ready To Go.

speedbuggy (not verified)

Hi Mom Racer,
I bet that same person is letting his children watch Sponge Bob. I think Peanuts is great an always will be.

Mom Racer I have a question. I've been collecting the Little Fisher Price People and toys for a while. My twins love them. I found a Snoopy in his flying helmet and Charlie Brown that is like them. I know it isn't from Fisher Price. Do you know who made them and what sets they were in. Thanks

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Hey speedbuggy~

Sorry for the delay in response. I had a parent pass away a little over a month ago and have been wicked out of circulation on message boards and such.

Anyway, I know there have been "Little People"-like Peanuts figures made over the years, but have never seen any in person. Sometimes you can see them on places like eBay, but they are typically hard plastic rather than wood and/or wood/plastic combo. Typically they are worth a little something, but that is based largely on condition being excellent to mint. In the overall scheme of Peanuts collecting, though, they likely wouldn't be worth a ton.

If you happen to have any images you could post, that would be helpful too. I could potentially look up what you have in one of my Peanuts collector guides. Big smile

Happy Thanksgiving!!