Walmart bank/police station playset identification help needed

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I am not sure if anyone even seen this playset, all I have for information is what I remember seeing with the set. Around Christmas time, Walmart sells very inexpensive gift/playsets which are in thier own isles at Walmart. There were two sets that were released at the same time, one was a brown mountain military base that had a large rocket and brown uniformed miltary men which were app 3 3/4, and it had 4 buttons (I remember one phrase that said, Enemies are located), this set I bought and my son and daughter destroyed, but the other set was a bank playset with police men (3 3/4 tall) and a bank robber/convict with money or gold bags.
This set had 4 buttons in the set and could have been a police base which might have been motified. I remember being torn between the two sets and got the military mountain base, but I wish I had gotten the bank set instead. It believe its been like 10 years since the set was released, and if I remember correctly it was only sold at Walmart. Not sure if it was released under the Kidz connection or another name. I assume the characters from the set were Chap Mei knockoffs.

I remember the paint applications were not so good however, the bank robber would have been a great addtion to my Chap Mei villian guys. The accessories were quite cool too. There might have been a police motor cycle and police car or tank with the set, not sure about it being a tank.
Does anyone even remember this set or have pictures of the set?
Any information would be appreciated so I might be able to track down the playset or the bank robber. Its been driving me crazy lately.
I know there might have been a knockoff Godzilla set offered at the same time soon.

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I was traveling yesterday and saw a whole new aisle of these types of sets, similar to what TRU does with their branded action figures and such. I do remember seeing a Police set that may even be what you are referring to.

It was the Walmart in Buckhorn PA if this helps.

I have never seen an aisle like this in any of my local WM but will be sure to check and will grab & post a pic when I'm in one next.


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I am looking forward to seeing the picture, if you cant post it, my email is [email protected]


Thanks alot, i really wanna see this picture