Mass Effect Play Arts Kai Question

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I'm curious if anyone has picked these up yet or any other characters from the Play Arts Kai series. How is the quality with this line? I think I've heard of some breakage issues. I was really impressed with what they've shown with the Mass Effect series and these would be the first of many if I go for these. At $65 a piece, I just want a better idea of what I'm getting.

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I have Devil May Cry 4's Nero and Dante and Arkham Asylum's Batman, Joker, Harley and Armored Bats. QC varies, from what I've heard and seen myself. I've had no major paint issues, but I've had a Batman break on me and Armored Bats has a stuck pectoral joint. Having said that-- they're larger, very well articulated, and have great paint apps. It's all about how badly you want the figures and what *you* consider is a good value. I'd recommend ordering from an e-tailer that would be willing to replace a broken figure (like bbts), and the Square-Enix invoice did say you can contact them in case of defects, so they may be willing to replace them, too. But last I checked, their site was down for repairs (?) and you could run into issues with customs once they ship. Keeping all that in mind, though, I recommend Play Arts. They're very cool all-around.

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I've been tempted by the Mass Effect 3 figures too, but would want the whole set and that probably wouldn't be wise financially. I have a few figures (the DMC 3 figures, a Metal Gear one, and several FF ones), and my main complaints are the scale changes and the ugly knee joints, but otherwise good, albeit it pricey, toys.

I will say this: My Ichigo from Bleach figure was missing a sword-holding hand, so I contacted them via Square's website... I wasn't expecting much, but they sent me a packet of new hands in the mail very promptly, after verifying what the problem was.

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I am using every fiber of my being to resist the Cowboy Bebop figures. I was hoping Revoltech would make the main cast to go along w/Vash & Wolfwood from Trigun. I might have to bite the bullet on Spike & Vicious.

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I'm of the same mindset. If I go for one, I'm going in for all. Between these, BlueFish's line, and Sideshow, I think these will be the best middle ground. Who knows if anyone else will pick up the license like this again.