Wanted: 6" Movie Black Widow - ? - Best Custom Fodder?

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Has anyone customized a 6" Movie Black Widow to go with their Avengers yet? The Walmart exclusives are so nice that I really want a complete set, but am at a loss as to which figure might best sub-in for Scarlett. My old ML Black Widow is currently in a box in a different state, so she's out. Smile

I saw the Marvel Legends Hope Summers yesterday and thought maybe her, but I'm not at all good at customizing and she would be a lot of painting and sculpting and work.

Any chance Hasbro is going to surprise us with a real one? Any rumors?

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Habro most likely will make her; Maybe to coincide with the Avengers 2 movie, whenever that comes out. I just can't see them not making her. But this is just a total hunch.

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Marvel Legends Domino maybe? Came in a two-pack with Cannonball, which might make it a little pricey if you can't find the figure loose as a single. Seems like a pretty good match if you're not looking for an ambitious project. This is probably the one I'd use. I'd been thinking the same thing recently, and I don't know that I trust Hasbro to follow through--or to follow through without making her part of a set or a con exclusive. I'm really hoping we'll get one from the Marvel Select line, even if they just reuse a previous Widow release and add a new Scarlett headsculpt and maybe a few retrofitted costume details.