Great yardsale find!!!!!

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I happened upon a yardsale on my way back from an appointment. I almost drove by as it had mostly baby clothes on display along with nik-naks. As I drove by I did spy some tools under a table so i turned around to check them out. It turned out that the tools were shot and there was nothing else of interest. As I walked back to my car I noticed something under a table in the grass. I almost kept walking when I gave it a second look and realized what it was. I asked the woman what her price was and she said she could not take less than $40. I told her I only had a $20 and proceeded on to my car. As I was closing the door she brought it to me and said "I'll take $20. It's ugly and has been in my junk room for almost 10 years anyway. I loaded it in and brought it home to my son. When he got home and uncovered it the shock was worth anything I could have paid. I had bought him the Illusive concepts Jabba the Hut. He has had such a rough time with his brain injury that the smile seemed to lift his depression and frustration. It was a great deal at $20!!!! One question - how do you clean it? It is in great shape for being latex and from the 90s - no cracks or oozing - great paint job too! Is there a way to seal or protect it to slow or prevent the deterioration? Help would be appreciated!


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Lee (not verified)

Sorry, no real suggestions, but congratulations on your find! Is it possible you could contact the original manufacturer?

I just wanted to add that, having to Google your find to even understand exactly what it is, it got me thinking: How cool it would be if Hasbro would revisit the conceptual figure sub-line and tackle some of the discarded Jabba the Hutt designs.