Where can I get a "Love2Love Bear" or a "Lovable Bear"?

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They were little plastic teddy bears on a keyring with a light up nose and short fuzzy fur. They came in a range of colours, were scented with a fruit flavour and could be fed by a little plastic bottle. They could say things like "I love you" and cried when hungry.

"Lovable Bears" came out in 1998 and were made by a company called "Giochi Preziosi" I think. I believe their full name was "Electrical Talking Lovable Bears". When they were first released there was a short-lived craze for them and they sold about 1 million units.

Lovable Bear: http://www.ingenious.org.uk/See/?target=SeeMedium&ObjectID=%7B32415B64-76F8-78B1-A5E6-2BC599B7E7FA%7D&SearchString=10438149%20OR%20%22Electronic%20talking%20'Lovable%20Bear'%20children's%20toy%22&source=Search&viewby=images

The "Love2Love Bears" came out in around 2007 and were released by a company called "Vivid Imaginations" I think.

Love2Love Bear: http://toyology.typepad.com/play_a_while/2008/02/loveable-bears.html

Both bears were initially avaliable from places such as "Amazon", "Toys R Us", "Argos" and "The Entertainer".
I would really love to buy one of these bears but I have not been able to find one anywhere. I would ideally like a "Lovable Bear" (preferably in pink although I'd like any colour). But I would also be keen to buy a "Love2Love Bear". I don't mind how old and beaten up the bear is as long as it still works! I am really hoping someone can help me if they know where I can find one of these bears or if they own one that they would like to sell. Thank you!

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Donna Duffin (not verified)

I have one just listed it on ebay

Jessica Rycroft (not verified)

If this is still available and hasn’t sold, can you send me the link the bear please x