Marvel Micro Muggs

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What is it about blind bags that makes me not complain about getting these in a third scale? Love

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OMG, I somehow missed this amidst all the SDCC news. Man oh man, do I want more Muggs! Not thrilled about them initially being Iron Man ones, but I'd love some X-Men or Star Wars Muggs!

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I am the opposite. I was so excited when they showed that slide only to be completely let down when they said blind bag.

Not a fan of the concept. I don't have a group of friend that also collect to trade with. Yes, I know I there's eBay or online forum trading but that just shipping into the equation and raises the price. It's one thing when I can easily buy a case like Kid Robot or Vinylmation, at least that way I know I'm getting 2 sets and what not.

This just bums me out. Sad



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I used to be really into Mighty I am just tired asking myself the question...why can't Hasbro just stick with one size or cancel the line altogether. We never got the Deadpool and Green Goblin Mighty Muggs we saw 3 years ago. Hasbro then switches to Mini Muggs and cuts the amount of muggs released by 75%, and now micro muggs...

Maybe these will be in scale with Mighty Mugg Galactus to fight? Who is in charge of Boys Toys at Hasbro right now? Shine that boot and kick them to the curb already.