Any Bioshock Fans out there? Found the TRU Exclusive Brute Slicer tonight....

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I feared that the 3rd series of Bioshock Figures would never hit retail but atleast the Brute Slicer did. Great addition to the Bioshock Line, and at only $15.99. There is still 2 more shown figures to be released..come on Spider Slicer....

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Joined: 2012-01-04

I'm a huge Bioshock fan and saw this yesterday at TRU too. Unfortunately, I was getting my son too many little things that added up to get it. I wouldn't have passed on the Spider Splicer though.

So far I have almost every figure (no variants) and both Collector's Editions of the games.

I debated the Light Up Big Daddy and the Splicer yesterday. Most of my stuff is opened and these don't do great in storage. Big Sister has a broken arm and another piece broken after careful storing. They are beautiful but sooo fragile.