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Dragonriders of the Styx
Black Knight
Dragon Man
Guliz the Ogre
Ragnar the Warrior
Other figures
Demon Flyer
Serpent Rider
Skull Sled
  • All of the vehicles except the Mystery Action Dragon included an exclusive figure. The figuers included are different from the figures shown with the vehicles on the card backs
  • The Demon Flyer includes the hooded figure shown above extreme left
  • Fantar includes the red figure above second-to-left, which is the same mold as the Ogre
  • Roozan includes the maroon figure above middle, which is actually the Demon, sans wings
  • The Serpent Rider includes a figure with Ragnar's torso and a wolf head, shown above second-to-right
  • The coolest figure is the Skull Sled driver (shown above extreme right) - this black and silver guy features a reversable head with a different face on each side!
unreleased figures
  • The figures in the picture above are shown on the card backs with the accessories, and are different from the figures actually included
  • Extreme left is the Serpent Rider driver, who is actually very similar to his corresponding released figure - notice the white belt and the orange shorts and boots on the unreleased version
  • Second-to-left is an unreleased hooded Skull Sled driver, completely different from the released figure
  • Second-to-right is a black Ogre, which is shown on the card back with the Demon Flyer. The released Demon Flyer included a hooded figure, and the Ogre was only released in light blue, dark blue, and red
  • Extreme right is a blue-purple Demon, which is shown with Roozan on the card back. Roozan actually came with a maroon Demon

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