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Diamond Select Toys:
Marvel Mini-Mates

Another collaboration between Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum is the line of Marvel Mini-Mates. The line combines the characters of the Marvel Universe with the mini-figures packed with articulation from Art Asylum. The new line of mini-mates is smaller than the prior releases, and the height is 2". Some figures are 2.5" due to helmets, but the basic mini-mate figure is 2" tall to the top of the flat head. Regular mini-mates are just over 3" tall.

Please note that the Yellow Daredevil shown in the Diamond Showroom (shown below) is not the final paint and the one shown in the Art Asylum showroom is accurate.

The first release in the line will be in June, and mass-market retailers (with the exception of Wal-Mart) will be carrying the line. The figures will be available in single and multi-packs. The final line-ups for the single and multi-packs haven't been finalized yet, but the first release of two packs will be in June 2003.

There are three chase figures - Black Spider-Man, Black Elektra and visorless Cyclops, and they will be in two-packs replacing one of the figures from the first three series of two-packs. For example, in the first set of two-packs there is a regular Classic Spidey that will be replaced in some cases with the Black Costume Spidey (chase figure).

All Marvel Mini-Mates will come with accessories.

Figures will be available in single packs, two-packs, three-packs and five packs. Again, which figures will be in which packs at which retailers is still being worked out at present. Currently it is likely that the Silver Surfer will be a single pack starting as an exclusive for Tower Records. This is tentative and we'll bring you more info as it develops.

Series One 2-packs will be: Daredevil (red) and Kingpin, Daredevil (yellow) and Elektra (red), and Hulk (green) and Bruce Banner. In some packs the Elektra (red) will have the Elektra (black) figure substituted.

There are two other series of two-packs planned, though the order of their releases (and dates) are not final. One series will be Spider-Man figures with Classic Spidey & Carnage (with some packs having a chase Black Spidey), Classic Green Goblin & Half-Parker/Half-Spidey and Battle Damaged Spidey and Venom. (There is an alternate head for Venom, with his tongue out.)

There will also be an X-Men wave with Classic Logan & Storm (from the Ultimate X-Men), Sabretooth & Wolverine (from the Ultimate X-Men) and Cyclops & Jean Grey (from the Ultimate X-Men). The last set will have some packs with a variant of Cyclops without his visor as a chase figure.

Other figures shown were Battle-Damaged Daredevil, Bullseye, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Rhino and Grey Hulk. There is also the earlier mentioned Silver Surfer. Plans are to produce all the figures shown, and for the line to continue over the next few years as Diamond Select will continue to tap into the thousands of characters in the Marvel Universe.

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packaging mock-ups

Silver Surfer


black costume


Peter Parker
& Mary Jane




Grey Hulk




Bruce Banner




Green Goblin






Jean Grey





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