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Saban Brands Acquires The Playforge

Saban Brands Acquires Zombie Farm Creator The Playforge

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2, 2012 -- Saban Brands is adding serious game to its digital capabilities. The company announced today its acquisition of The Playforge business, a leading mobile games developer and publisher, known for Zombie Farm, the third highest grossing iOS app in 2011 and a top 10 grossing game for nearly two years, accounting for more than 37 million downloads.

The company plans to extend current and future free-to-play mobile games developed by the San Mateo-based The Playforge into licensing, merchandising and media opportunities. In addition, the acquisition greatly expands Saban Brands' development capabilities, providing additional resources for advancing games currently in its slate. The Playforge team adds more than 25 employees to the organization and gives Saban Brands a solid footprint in Silicon Valley.

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