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HeroClix TabApp DC Comics Figures Now Available


Hillside, N.J. - November 15, 2012 - Developers of HeroClix TabApp™ today announced the availability of new game content, which includes six DC Comics Super Hero figurines that can now be found in stores.

In addition to the new DC Comics Super Heroes, the update includes over one dozen new maps, more than 30 DC Comics Super-Villains, and all new storylines and comic panels.

The DC Comics figures are available at Toys R Us, Walmart and hobby shops in packs of three at $14.99 each. The DC Comics Super Heroes pack includes Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and ”The Dark Knight Rises” figure pack adds Batman, Catwoman and Bane.

HeroClix TabApp™ can be downloaded free on the App Store™.

For a list of participating retailers and more information about HeroClix TabApp™, visit http://www.heroclixtabapp.com.

For updates, follow HeroClix TabApp™ on Facebook and Twitter.

HeroClix TabApp Now Available At Walmart

HeroClix TabApp™ Now Available At Walmart

October 2012 - WizKids Games, creator of the recently launched HeroClix TabApp™ game for iPad, today announced the availability of HeroClix TabApp™ Marvel super hero figures at Walmart stores nationwide.

Fans, collectors and players can now pick up both Marvel figure packs, Marvel Super Heroes and Wolverine and the X-Men, at their local Walmart store.

The Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp™ figure pack includes Iron Man, Thor and Captain America miniatures, while the Wolverine and the X-Men figure pack introduces Wolverine, Cyclops and Ice Man.

For more information on HeroClix TabApp™, visit http://www.heroclixtabapp.com.

For updates, follow HeroClix TabApp™ on Facebook and Twitter.

DC Comics Super Heroes Join HeroClix TabApp

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Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C. - October 17, 2012 - HeroClix TabApp™ developers, NECA/Wizkids and MFV, a subsidiary of NECA, are partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment to welcome DC Comics Super Heroes to the scenario-based iPad game featuring physical toy figure recognition.

"We are pleased to announce some of the first DC Comics figures to be integrated with HeroClix TabApp™, including DC Comics Super Heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and 'The Dark Knight Rises' Batman, Catwoman and Bane," said Justin Ziran, president at Wizkids. "We're looking forward to working with DC Comics to include even more popular super heroes for HeroClix fans."

The DC Comics HeroClix TabApp™ miniatures are slated for release this November.

HeroClix TabApp Launches, Marvel Figure Packs Hit Toys'R'Us

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Free iPad Download Now Available

Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C. - September 24, 2012 - WizKids Games have announced the launch of HeroClix TabApp™, the much anticipated iPad application that combines Marvel Universe Super Hero miniatures with digital gameplay.

Beginning today, players, fans and collectors can pick up the Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp™ figure pack, which includes Iron Man, Thor and Captain America miniatures, from participating Toys "R" Us stores nationwide.

"It's amazing to watch the evolution of HeroClix over the past 10 years," said Justin Ziran, President at WizKids Games. "HeroClix TabApp marks the next generation of the HeroClix franchise, and is a game the whole family can enjoy."

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Sept 23: HeroClix TabApp Launches


Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C. - September 17, 2012 - WizKids Games today announced the release date for HeroClix TabApp™, the much anticipated addition to the HeroClix franchise. An extension of the HeroClix brand, HeroClix TabApp™ is an interactive toy, which combines physical toy miniature figures with digital gameplay designed for the iPad. The free application is set to launch September 23 and will be available initially at Toys "R" Us.

"We're thrilled by the positive response and excitement from the community surrounding HeroClix TabApp™," said Justin Ziran, President of WizKids Games. "We can't wait to end the anticipation with the debut of our Marvel figures at Toys "R" Us stores nationwide."

HeroClix TabApp™ Marvel figures will be available in packs of three priced at $14.99 USD each. The first Marvel Super Heroes pack, available September 23, includes Avengers favorites Iron Man, Thor and Captain America figures. The Wolverine and the X-Men pack, available September 30, includes Wolverine, Cyclops and Iceman figures.

HeroClix TabApp to Include Marvel


Announces First Six Marvel Universe Super Heroes to Join Line-up

Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C. - May 29, 2012 - This fall, Wizkids, game creator and wholly owned subsidiary of NECA, is enabling fans and players to unlock the wondrous world of HeroClix directly from their iPad devices, and have today announced the inclusion of Marvel Universe Super Heroes within the HeroClix TabApp™.

Seamlessly integrating physical HeroClix miniatures from several Marvel lines, HeroClix TabApp™ will feature stylistic versions of Marvel Universe Super Heroes Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Cyclops and Iceman, the six original Marvel HeroClix series one figures, at launch.

As Jamie Kampel, Director of Licensing, Marvel, explains, "We're excited to partner with NECA on this brand new interactive toy. The HeroClix game has been hugely successful with Marvel and the HeroClix TabApp will further engage core fans and create a new entry point for consumers."

HeroClix TabApp for iPad


Integrates Physical Toys with Digital Gameplay

Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C. - May 14, 2012 - Leading entertainment conglomerate, National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) alongside game creators Wizkids and Icarus Studios, wholly-owned subsidiaries of NECA, today unveiled HeroClix TabApp™, an upcoming action-based iPad game, and the first in the TabApp™ series, integrating physical miniature toys with digital arenas. HeroClix TabApp™ is set for release this fall.

Featuring real-time combat, HeroClix TabApp™ integrates NECA's vast array of licenses to bring popular characters commonly featured in NECA's product lines to the game.

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