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Garbage Pail Kids: the Book

 the Book

Garbage Pail Kids

By The Topps Company, Inc.
Introduction by Art Spiegelman
Afterword by John Pound

"We were trying to help another generation of juvenile delinquents come of age."
- Art Spiegelman, from his introduction

"Kids loved them; parents hated them."
- John Pound, from his afterword

March 2012 - Garbage Pail Kids: More than twenty-five years later, you can still rattle off the names of all your favorites, long after your mother finally scraped the last of the "Oozy Suzy," "Potty Scotty," and "Acne Amy" stickers off your refrigerator door. You loved them as much as your parents despised them, and now the Garbage Pail Kids phenomenon (Abrams ComicArts; April 2012; U.S. $19.95 / CAN. $21.95; ISBN: 978-1-4197-0270-9) is here to gross us out all over again.

Mezco: Plush Figures of Mars Attacks

mars attacks

Mezco Reveals Mars Attacks Plush

March 2012 - New York - Based on the iconic trading cards, Mars Attacks, that forever changed the face of science fiction. Mezco brings these Martians to life with this 8inch scale plush figure. The other-worldly creation features the Martian's signature exposed oversized brain and bulbous eyes, along with the iconic green spacesuit.

Revealed at the 2012 New York International Toy Fair in February, they have already received praise:

"...totally nailed the detail in their brain-like head..." wrote Kastors Korner, "The cuddliest alien I've ever seen! He's invaded my heart!!" says Eric Resnik of YouBentMyWookie.

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