Jake Gillispie

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Spanky Stokes STROLL T-Shirt from outsmART originals

Spanky Stokes STROLL T-Shirt from outsmART originals

May 2013 - outsmART originals is stoked! Stoked to be working with SpankyStokes.com, awarded DTA's 2012 Best Blog, for the next t-shirt release.

The design is based on the SpankyStokes.com Stroll Mascot, where a few months ago on Instagram, numerous artists began drawing and submitting their concepts of the 'Stroll' character. Many versions were submitted from artists across the globe and each a unique and fresh take on the character. Jake Gillispie at Grindhouse submitted this design as a work in progress added additional updates as the design progressed. Since then, the design has been recreated as prints and stickers and now, as this unique collaboration, it will be released as an EPIC outsmART originals t-shirt! http://nvy.gd/ZCkWL9

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