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Mezco: Holiday Mystery Box with Blue Krampus

Photo Credit: Richard Ford

Mezco Presents Holiday Mystery Box featuring Blue Krampus

New York - November 2013 - Both Krampus fans and Living Dead Dolls collectors are going wild over Living Dead Dolls Presents Krampus!

To compliment the three standard colors and the one of a kind Red Krampus, Mezco now proudly reveals the final member of their quintet of holiday terror; the one of a kind Blue Krampus!

The one of a kind Blue Krampus has been randomly packed in one of the 333 Holiday Mystery Boxes.

Each Holiday Mystery Boxes will contain a full size 10 inch Living Dead Doll or another Mezco item, and one of those boxes contains the one of a kind Blue Krampus!

This one-of-a-kind Blue Krampus features an a weathered bone colored mask with vibrant, icy blue fur. He will be randomly packed, in his coffin, in one of the 333 Holiday Mystery Boxes.

Mezco Releases Mega Scale Krampus Plush


Mezco Releases Mega Scale Krampus Plush: Naughty Children On High Alert

April 2012 - New York - Gruss Vom Krampus!

Mezco presents folklore legend, plush Krampus!

This oversized Krampus is 12" tall from the tips of his "devilish" horns to the points of his cloven hooves. This sinfully adorable mythic creature is a hugably plump plush that is perfect for those who enjoy the darker side of the holiday spirit.

Mezco's Krampus plush doll has all the trademark characteristic of the fabled creature with horned head, pointed tongue that sticks out, hoofed feet, and tail.

According to tradition, this beast is responsible for "handling" all the naughty children during the holiday season, gathering them and taking him back to his lair. Krampus, an Austrian legendary creature was outlawed in 1934 but the ban was lifted and has become a holiday phenomenon gaining worldwide popularity for his devilish representation of the holiday spirit.

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