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This is absolutely ridiculous. The Kings won the cup and when a team wins a championship McFarlane usually releases a set of three of the best players to commemerate the occasion. However since my Kings kicked his Phoenix Coyotes butt he probably wont make it. If thats the case I hope the loss was crushing to Todd.

And how is thier NOT a Jonathon Quick figure but yet thier is a Lundquist being released. And if the Kings get Zach parise from the Devils which is a huge possibilty, LA will have another Cup to celebrate.

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Tony (not verified)

After reading your comments I could not agree with you more!! I cannot believe that McFarlane will not be making any Kings figures because he's a Coyotes fan??? C'mon, Todd - say it aint so!! The Coyotes were/are one of the dirtiest teams in the NHL and we embarrassed them, yes...but to hold that against my team by not making any cool figures available??

That would be a pathetic business decision. The Quick, Kopitar, Brown figures would be a great source of revenue. They would be HOT sellers! And you should jump on a few other players as well (Penner, Richards, Carter, etc..) while the interest is at it's PEAK!!

Joined: 2012-06-03

LA "fans" formin' a bandwagon? That NEVER happens!

Quick's been a top goalie in the league for some time now, but now that the team wins a Cup you've decided to scream about it? Go back to your closets and ignore sports until the next title run.

(Much respect to the Kings though ;])

Joined: 2012-01-18

As a Wings Fan i'm happy for the organization and Luc Robitaille. I'm not sure if thats the reason why he hasn't made a Kings figures though. I think a Kopitar should have been done ages ago but thats just me. Hang in there guys i'm sure a 3 pack is on the way. Quick, Kopitar, and most likely Brown holding the cup.

Joined: 2012-01-05

it comes down to what will sale across the board. los angeles kings fans will buy them, but will people in detroit, dallas, new york, new jersey. mcfarlan makes figures of rookie of the year, hall of famers and multiple figures of the obvious. sidney crosby is a prime example. there will be a king figure with the cup. probably quick or brown. remember the west coast teams never get the love like the east coast or the original 6. montreal, new york, chicago, detroit, toronto, and boston.

Anonymous (not verified)

But there is an Andrew Ladd figure...c'mon!!! That is a joke!

Surly Jacob (not verified)

This is beyond true. McFarlane pisses me off for not having these already, or enough Kings figures in general. Next time he makes a set of NHL figures, if at the very least one of Quick, Kopi, Brown or Doughty aren't in there then I'm calling conspiracy.

I've been wanting to buy a Kings figure forever, but always thought it would finally happen when the Kings got good. Well... WE'RE THE BEST! If not now, then... Ever?

My Marcel Dionne figure needs a friend.

Joined: 2012-01-04

You must understand, the world needs a 13th version of Troy Palamalouoloouo and 8th version of Tony "I'll never win a Super Bowl" Romo before you get your Champion Kings. I still never understand why people support McFarlane; their products never improve in quality or distribution, and they could care less what their customers want.

As a Flyers fan, I was happy to see the Kings win the Cup once the Flyers emptied their tank against the Pens. I see that there is a Giroux figure coming out, probably reuses the Bobby Clarke body from 8 years ago.

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Joined: 2012-01-04

Yeah I cannot understand why he keeps making Romo's where he hasnt made an active Chiefs player in 2 years and Cassel was only made because of his fluke season with New England but was already with Kansas City by the figures release. Same with Baseball. He just needs to call the line Yankees and Friends.


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

Anonymous (not verified)

McFarlane always states he makes the most fan demanded figures. Which is bs cuz even Dallas fans don't like Romo, and Yankees fans have stated in toy forums that they are tired of all the Jeters and A-Rods. I truly hope he does do figures on the LA Kings they had a playoff run that was unbelievable. The Red Wings never dominated a playoff run like the Kings did (beating all top seeds at 8th seed). I'm finally gonna have a chance at a Calvin Johnson figure, never thought I'd see another Lions figure unless it was another Sanders. I'd kill for a Kopitar figure with the cup. He's one of my favorite non Red Wing players.