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Hey Buzzers,
So the past few weeks I got back into the DC Universe figures, looking to see which figures I was missing in my JLU and Infinate Heroes line. Seeing these two scales (are some what, and I mean kinda close in size) and that both of these series has been able to fill in the gaps of superheroes that I dont have.

I ran across an Infinate Hereo Heatwave, which was in JLU series and then appeared in the Infinate series. Upon looking on ebay, there was one for the Infinate Heroes line but it was around the $75 range (there abouts). The I F Heatwave figure was very detailed compared to the JLU line. So I was veering towards finding this figure, someday, but I noticed that the person who was selling the figure also mentioned there was a Flash and Trickster. The person was selling the Flash but no Trickster.

So I Googled the image of the Trickster figure, which was made within a 3 pack. There was a test shot shown of the Trickster figure shown too. Also with the images of the Trickster was Mark Hamill from the TV Flash series and the JLU animated show, which I totally forgot that he made an appearance in that show too. Mark Hamill was an awesome archnemisis to the TV series Flash. So now I hope to find the DVDs to relive the days of the Flash from the tv series.
So I wanted to know more about the 3 pack, I assume the 3 pack was at the end of the Infinate Heroes series. I remember seeing the Kyle Rayner Parallax 3 pack at KMart but never picked him up because I had a version of him from the Total Justice Line. However this was the only version of him as Parallax. I do have the Hal Jordan Parallax figure from the TJ line.
So finally to my question:
So was the Trickster 3 pack an online exclusive or did it ever hit retail. I want to know more about the figure when it was released and if anyone on here had gotten the figure.
I am hoping to add the Trickster to my collection down the road but any information would be appreciated.


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I scored the three pack by way of a Ross Store or other clearance store at the very end of the run with the help of fellow buzzer oneoftwo. I believe that the set with Ravager and Dr Light was available through the same venues but I wasn't able to get them. I know they were near impossible to find so I was incredibly thankful for the hookup. Both he and Heatwave were well detailed and my favorite figures of the line. They are also the hardest ones to get to stay standing.



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I found them at T.J. Maxx stores a couple years ago. There were usually 1 or 2 of each on the shelf amid a couple shelves full of the earlier clearanced 3-packs.