Are spiders trying to communicate with me...?

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OK...I KNOW that sounds off, even from me. And No, I'm not off my meds. Let me explain...

I have (hundreds of?) action figures throughout my little house, on most every table and shelf. Sometimes I group by line, sometimes I group by scale, Marvel, DC, etc.

In an apparently never-ending quest to obtain the definitive Silver Age Ditko Spider-Man figure, I have amassed a small shelf consisting of multiple, alternate Spideys. Here's the odd part. There are spider webs covering all these Spider-Man figures. I should dust more often...perhaps. Tongue

But there are no spider webs on any other set of figures on my shelves. ONLY covering the Spider-Man figures. Even the Superman/Batman figures on the shelf directly below the Spidey shelf are web-free!

I'm a firm believer in coincidence & random chance...but the other day I looked at another shelf 5" Silver Age Marvel shelf. One lone Spidey figure amidst the FF, Inhumans, Thor, Dr. Strange, etc...and that lone Spider-Man figure is now webified!

I'll see if I can get some decent photos of this...

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What makes you think spiders are making the webs? Maybe it's the spidermans doing it. After all, he does whatever a spider can.


simian, the Mighty Poo Flinger!