Target / Meijers Batman Movie Masters Wave 1 Case, Alfred is Missing....

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Just wanted to point out that Target and Meijers are receiving the case that has 4 Batman's and two Bane figures. Only Kmart and Toysrus have the case with 3 Batman's, 2 Bane's, and one Alfred. If you want and Alfred, you better pick him up when you see him.


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A buddy of mine called me from TRU today saying that they had Alfred AND Catwoman. He picked up both for me, surprised Catwoman was out already. First i had heard of her being found but he brought it over and yep she slooks pretty cool!!


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

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there are several different case packs out there, and it doesn't look like they're very store-specific.

all the meijers near me got in the bane-bats-alfred-catwoman cases last weekend.