New comic book Batman figures hit the shelf

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So the repainted Batman 3 figures hit the shelves and there next to them are these comic book almost animated larger figures right next to them. The Batman movie figures are like 5.98 and the bigger animated comic book figure, which includes a Robin. Robin has a red stripe in his hair, it looked cool, Sorry about the poor quality, it was from my phone camera
I also included a picture of the Batman Movie figure
I dont remember these being at Toy Fair 2012


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Very cool. Thanks for the heads up!

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I picked up the black/grey Bats, Robin, and Croc this week (along with Movie Masters Alfred and Bane!)....and I gotta say.....

I dig em. They remind me a bit of The Batman line in a way, and I loved that line, so I like these. They're simple, different takes on the characters. Have any ofthe other villians been spotted out there yet? The back of the packaging shows Joker, Freeze, and Two Face. Freeze looks pretty darn cool.

Plus, you can't beat an 8.97 price tag on these at Wally World. Makes me flash back to the late 90's, early 00's! Smile

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I agree, this is really the way to do a kid's line that ties in with a movie. Bright, cleanly styled and in a scale you can play with. The costume being film accurate is hardly something kids care about, Batman is Batman. It should have been this for the kids, Movie Masters for collectors. That 4 inch unarticulated line isn't going to sell, as with the last two movies as they're ugly, tiny sculpts with too much drab detail.