Now that Avengers has made more than 1 billion dollars is JLA coming soon?

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I loved Avengers. It is so good. What do you think? Is DC chompping at the bit now to create a JLA with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman?

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I'm not chomping at the bit for DC to try. Based on their efforts with single characters that have underwhelmed (Green Lantern and Superman Returns) they aren't capable of doing a group movie.

They need to prove they can make good movies with several characters before I want to see them together.


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I agree. I think the reason Avengers did so well, is they choose a person who understood that making a good movie was more important than making a block buster for money. Make a good movie and the money will follow. For example John Carter of Mars cost 200 million and did terribel. I have a feeling it was because they tried to make a block buster money making franchise instead of a good movie.

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I don't know if I'd even see a Justice League film (at least not at a theater). Personally, although I enjoy The Dark Knight, I don't feel that there's been a really well-made DC film since Richard Donner's Superman (and I totally admit that that film's got major flaws and I can't truly be objective about it because I've watched it countless times since I was like three), and I don't think that there's going to be one made any time soon. In a nutshell, I don't think that the vast majority of theatrical portrayals of DC heroes have been faithful enough to their comic counterparts - which, although I despise that (especially Batman killing and/or allowing people to die, which irks me to no end), I totally understand it, since I completely get that the people who make these films are playing to a much, much larger audience than comic book fans (especially long-time comic book fans, who, while able to enjoy, for example, the Hulk killing his enemies, shouldn't be able to stomach a less-morally-ambiguous noble archetype like Superman doing the same). :/

I do think a lot of DC's animated series are top-notch, though. For me, most of the DCAU series and films (especially B:TAS and its continuations, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited), Teen Titans, and especially Young Justice) display a nice, respectful balance of what's made their characters so popular (and enduring) over the past several decades, in both characterizations and plots. =)