May 2012 Fast Food Toys Round-up

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Update: May 6 - RTM reader Jeff posted in the forum that he found where the Avengers fast food toys are, but they are not in the United States. Jeff shared these two links:

- reports that in the Philippines, Petron Corporation has Avengers figures as cup toppers, and that in Brazil, the fast food chain Habib's has Avengers toys. (The article has some pretty neat images and a video clip of commercial for the Habib toys.)

- Cosmopolitan Philippines reports that in the Philippines, the Jollibee chain has Avengers toys and comic books. (And to be honest, the names of the food items are more interesting than a lot of American fast food. Our kid would love it if he could get spaghetti at a fast food place, instead of waiting for the rare times we make it at home.)


May 5, 2012 - Tonight we ate dinner at Wendy's, and the boy got a Whac-a-Mole toy with his meal. This led to the question of "hey, who has Avengers toys right now?" Neither of us knew, so we figured we would check when we got home.

Once we got home and checked online, we still don't know! Maybe the fast food push for Avengers will be when the DVD is released?

A quick check of the web sites for fast food restaurants in our area revealed the following:

- Wendy's Kids Meals should have "Leap Frog Leap School" toys, with "Minute to Win It" themed goodies coming soon. (Clearly, the Whac-a-Mole was from an older campaign, but it is a very nice toy and kept the boy entertained for a good chunk of time after we were home.)

- Burger King has Monster Jam trucks. Amusingly enough, one of the trucks is named "Avenger." If trucks aren't your thing, they also have Pinkalicious toys.

- McDonald's has Victorious and Spy Gear toys in their Happy Meals, with Madagascar 3 as the next promotion.

- Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have Happy Feet Two toys, with The Amazing Spider-Man toys slated for May 21st at Hardee's and May 23rd at Carl's Jr.

- Subway Kids Meals have reusable lunch sacks. They've teamed with the Nature Conservancy on those, so the bags are colorful and have pictures of animals.

- Sonic is featuring science toys - the site shows a "Wacky Explorers" Bug Habitat.

- Arby's has "Mr. Men Little Miss" toys, with "Xtreme Arby's" toys coming soon.

- Taco Bell isn't even trying this month, as it appears to be "clean out the back room" month... the toy is a "mystery toy" from one of their prior promotions.

Do any of you urban dwellers with access to more fast food chains know what other restaurant sites we should check the next time we do a fast food toy round-up?