For anyone who had the Animated Iron Man Crimson Dynamo figure by Hasbro

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I found a loose Crimson Dynamo figure off of ebay. Its the one that looks like he belongs next to Robo Cop,. like E D 101? Not sure if I got the name of the robot correct The Crimson Dyamo its the dark grey and red stripes. Its from the Animated Iron Man Amored Adventures series
As I was looking on the figure, on top of the head area, there are 3 mini half circles that are sticking up, and they are connected to a piece that looks likes it slides.

My question does this part suppose to reveal like a head inside the suit, like the Iron Monger Iron Man figure, that had the likeness of Jeff Bridges? or maybe launch something?

Just curious, I included a link to a picture of the action figure

Any help would be helpful, thank you very much!


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Nope, that's it!