HOLY CRAP! Major Young Justice series spoiler

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Looks like the new look for Robin is actually a new Robin and Dick is back as Nightwing

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My guess is that time travel's involved, 'cause season two picks up right where season one left off and if I recall correctly the show's creators have confirmed YG Robin as 13-year-old Dick Grayson.

That pic might be from the first episode of the second season...

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Lobo's in the season two premiere, and that looks like him (ripping little green guy from a human-looking robot body) in the background of that pic.

Whatever's going on, that pics awesome and I can't wait to watch it season two. =)

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Having seen a few episodes from Season 2, I'm really liking how the show is going. The additional characters also help expand into more of the DC Universe.

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Some episodes also don't take place on earth

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Wow, that episode was awesome, but depressing. All these new designs and characters and no real hope for toys. Sad

Oh, and Wally was nowhere to be seen (nor Artemis or Aqualad). Great, another place I can't see Wally. Not mentioned in any of the summaries for the next four episodes either.

The Teen Titanic short was hilarious.

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Don't worry, you'll get at least explanations on where the remaining YJers ended up in the next few episodes.

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I was thinking if they cancel Young Justice, there could be a new Justice League show that would umm spin off from this show, or perhaps another Justice League movie??


Its too bad with all the cameos from all of the characters, I was hoping for more figures too.

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I managed to get caught up over the past week (thank you, OnDemand!) and I've really enjoyed what I have seen.

I love the new Titans, even Lagoon Boy, who I had to google to find out who he was. Hymie-Beetle's inclusion was inevitable. Hasn't he been in every DC property since Didio was EIC?

Still, I would have loved to have seen GOLDEN EAGLE appear. He was one of my favorites from the crazy 70's Rozakis Titans. Those were the days, LOL!