Which Spider-Man is that imprisoned in Ultimate Avengers?

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Just reading the Millar/Yu Ultimate Avengers series for the first time--the one with the Punisher/Hawkeye/ Widow/Cash/War Machine team in pursuit of the Ghost Rider. There's a Spider-Man, or a guy in a Spider-Man costume, imprisoned in a capsule in the Triskelion, and there's even some communication with him. He's got teeth like Zombie Spider-Man, but he has all his limbs and otherwise looks to be in fair condition.

Can't find a reference to this anywhere online. Was this the zombie? How (and when/what storyline) did he wind up where he is? And why is he a go-to guy in a bottle?


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This is all I can find online about the Spider (spoilers):


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Apparently Mark Millar didn't reveal much about the Spider before killing the character.

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Cool! So nobody really knows that much about "it." Thanks for pointing me to the Marvel wiki, too!