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This year will b my 2nd motuc sub with Matty & was just wondering if anybody else with this sub knows if shipping has gone up with ups? Last year i would get charged about 8.70 shipping but this year for a single figure it's a little over 13.00?! I didn't notice until last month when I only received kobra khan & then of course this month with thunder punch he man. Did I miss something?

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Matty's shipping is the most expensive I've seen compared to any similar site I've dealt with. They are also quite scatter-shot with it; last year they were actually charging more to ship Battleground Teela than the heavier Faceless One,while still maintaining their shipping charges are based solely on weight.

Shipping with Matty is like, well, everything else with Matty...

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I just figure there is so much handling, as it takes darn near 2 weeks to go 100 miles! Nevada and Califonia
must have some high road taxes! and then there are the actual cross-country charges to account for.......


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Wow, $13 for just one MOTUC figure? That's a lot! I was just charged only $11.75 for the house cat sized Voltron Yellow Lion and Hunk and before that only $10.55 for the somewhat smaller Red Lion and Lance. Seems like a MOTUC figure would ship for around $8, what did they do, pack it in sand?


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Shipping is the only thing I love about Matty. They charge me $12 shipping for 2x MOTUC to Singapore. Slow as heck but at that price I can't complain.