It appears that the 3 3/4 Avengers Alien figures will be made

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So I was checking out if there was any new news on the Avengers movie, and it appears that the Toys R Us in Times Square was proudly displaying the alien army (still no clue what these things are) with the Shield Helicarrier.


Now I have to start a build and army of these guys

Make sure you read the post below the pictures because someone states about a find at Target with the Avengers Board Game. And I was just at Target getting the second wave of Redikai figures for $4.98. They will look really cool next to my Ben 10 figures.

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I was also surprised to see what appears to be a new 1:18 "Film" Fury figure in there next to the Widow. It would seem that the TRU IM2 version wasn't the only one.

Did I miss Hawkeye in there?

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I am hoping we see the aliens and those small hover vehicles, and they don't get left at the end of the line, never to be seen (of course, the same goes for Black Widow).

And I didn't catch Hawkeye in any of those shots, either. I seriously doubt they left him out of the line, given we've already got the ultimates version, unless there was some kind of problem with the likeness (the thing that kept us from getting a proper Bale John Connor in the Playmates Terminator line).