Am I the only one who likes Captain Action JUST as Captain Action?

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Saw the new 12"er at TRU and I was tempted (wanted to read the MWC review first, which was positive), but I know now I'd never bother with the costume sets.

The idea of Captain Action as this quasi-sailor/spy with nothing but a zapper, sword, and communicator to get the job done really appeals to me. The idea he...what? turns into Spider-Man, or disguises himself as Captain America for whatever reason does nothing for me at all. I know the original idea was to give 60s kids a variety of characters to play with using CA as a template, but I don't think I would have liked that even then.

Does anyone know how they handled the gimmick in the Moonstone comics? Does he change into heroes created just for the series, or not change at all (which, obviously, I'd prefer) or what?

This is the same reason I couldn't really get into Ben 10, by the way. I always liked it better when he was just Ben.

Anyway, I might actually pick the Captain Action up; he looks cool. But I wondered if I'd be the only one who left it at that.



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My problem with Captain Action is that I want nice sixth scale versions of Spider-Man, Captain America... and previously when Playing Mantis had the license, The Lone Ranger, Tonto, The Green Hornet and Kato. That is not what Captain Action is about though. And I suspect I am not the only one who has some "confusion" about what we want and what we really get, and are probably supposed to get (somewhat; the masks from the Cap and Spidey sets are ridiculous!) from a Captain Action line.

That said, I wouldn't mind having a Captain Action as just Captain Action. I was hoping that a certain company got their act together because they have solicited a 6-Inch Captain Action and their figure of The Tick came out pretty nice. I think I would like a 6-inch Captain Action, no costumes needed, more than a 12-Inch version, since that makes up the majority of my collection these days, but I do think the Round2Corp version is pretty decent looking (from what I have seen of it online) as Captain Action.

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My TRUs just received these this past week. He did look very nice as a stand alone figure and the price seemed like a bargain but The Captain is a little before my time. He would have been an easy buy if I had some kind of past connection to the character.

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i like it too