Is Ultimate Spiderman going to produce some 3 3/4 figures this year

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So I just caught the debut of the show on my dvr the other night, and it started to hit me. I dont remember any figures from Toy Fair with the Animated Ultimate Spiderman being featured. I remember stuff from the Amazing Spiderman being featured but nothing from the show, and yes I remember that the show just debuted and I brought up a discussion why the Animated Avengers didnt have a line either.

For me, except for the cameos of the major and minor villians (some like the Wizard who i thought was a Fantastic 4 villian, are showing up in the show) I fear that if any new villians show up in 3 3/4 size, they will most likely show up in the Marvel Universe line. From my point of view, I am also thinking the appeal of the show was geared towards a generation who has not been a long time follower of comic books. The odd humor (campy/off beat/quarky kid likehumor) reminded of the early seasons of the Teen Titans. I was hoping for more like a 90s series Spiderman show.

So sad to say if there is an Ultimate Spiderman series, the series will be over saturated with spiderman varients, and low peg space for villians.


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I'd be happy with a Nova figure from USM!

There is an Ultimate Spidey Lego set shown in the catalog with Iron Fist, Spidey and Doctor Octopus.