There has to be more Avengers figures coming out

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Now with the Mystery Army of Loki being revealed, and since the Black Widow was not part of the first 2 waves, and the Steve Rogers face on the Captain America figure not on the shelf yet, (I am hoping for a Tony Stark head on a Iron Man body to be released) will there be a 3rd wave of Avengers figures going to be released?

I am assuming there will be a maskless Hawkeye figure too...

So will a 3rd wave be release for Christmas? Or will the Marvel Universe take up the rest of the figures for the year, regarless, there are new figures to be added to the collection....wonder if there will be a white/black Fantastic Four Spidey or a Black and Green suit Spidey released for the 3 3/4 scale..

the army of Loki revealed

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thank you for the link; I hadn't seen that yet

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Avian wrote:
...and the Steve Rogers face on the Captain America figure not on the shelf yet...

Sorry, I haven't been following the line very closely but is that the "rocket grenade" Cap unmasked variant? If so, he's out there, I bought one about a week ago at Walmart.

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Mr. Hoss, yes, the unmasked Steve Rogers is the variant version that is currently out.

@ Avian, the Black Widow and movie Hawkeye figures were shown at ToyFair as a part of the Avengers lineup, so hopefully they will make it to retail. Hasbro seems to do this with all their Movie Lines(Marvel, G.I.Joe, etc): they pack the living hell out of the shelves with waves 1 and 2 and then the later waves never see the light of day or barely squeak out via online retailers or foreign sellers. Examples: King Loki wave from Thor, Iron Man Concept Series w/ Racing Suit IM and Comic Series w/Mandarin, Black Widow, No-Helmet Iron Man and Nick Fury single cards from IM2, and the Kamakura wave of G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra figures.

I'd really like to see some response to this from Hasbro, at least some mention to ease our minds. If we miss out on a Scarlett Johannsen(sp?) Black Widow figure again, fandom is going to attack Pawtucket.

*edit* also, a Future Foundation Spider-Man(the black and white) is due out within the next wave or 2 from MU.