So are the MIB 3 figures due out soon?

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I would imagine they should already be in stores but nothing is on ebay for them. Does anyone have the set street date? I wanna see how well they work for Guy in suit to go with the gi joe figures.


" F***Ing Ebay!!"

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Here's hoping... I've been building a diorama bar set for all of my various 1:18 figures and really need to add in Jay and Kay.

BBTS is stating "May 2012" for the release.

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They're out in asia. A little cheap looking, almost chapmei-ish. Nice character selection though. I'd pick up J and K but they're like us$14 each here for the small packs. I like the fact that they come with kid scaled equipment that turns into figure accessories but not at that price.

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They're now "in stock" at

Agent K:

Agent J:

Here's a quick review that I stumbled across:

They're shorter than MU but seem to fit decently with some of the 25A Joes.

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I'm looking forward to the roleplay toys more...the noisy cricket looks pretty cool.