Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2012 -- Some early Peanuts news (Halloween/Thanksgiving)

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I recently came into this info, so I thought I'd share. Wink

For Halloween 2012, Hallmark will be issuing four new Halloween Peanuts ornaments. The first three will include Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy holding jack-o-lanterns depicting their own faces. The fourth ornament depicts the classic scene of Lucy bobby for apples and coming up with Snoopy. This one will feature sound.

The big surprise is that Hallmark will be issuing their first-ever Peanuts Thanksgiving ornament. It will feature Snoopy dressed as a pilgrim, holding a plate of...wait for it...that traditional holiday feast (from the Peanuts T'giving special) of popcorn and toast!

It is expected that this Thanksgiving offering will vanish [i]fast[i], so watch for it on the first ornament debut weekend of July 14th, 2012.

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Wow...the only major special we don't have an ornament or figure of--good to know! Thanks, Mom Racer!