So. That Vehicle Voltron...

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Is anyone else thinking of taking the plunge? It's pricey, but I guess it's not big deal if you're already used to paying SOC prices for die cast robots. I'm a little hesitant, as it's coming from what appears to be a relatively untested company.

But it sure looks nice.

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I want to see what Mattel does next year before I commit to something like that. Plus I never did get the Toynami version of Lion Voltron so I don't really have anything to put next to that Vehicle Voltron.


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I love my Toynami Lion Voltron, but my one gripe is that the weight of the die-cast components really wear on the shoulder joints, to the point where it's tough to get it to hold a dynamic pose anymore. I think it's a unique problem to that figure because of the combiner aspect: the joining plug pieces have to be big enough to hold the arms on, but small enough to tuck away so they're not obtrusive in lion mode. I'm wondering if the vehicles will have the same problem.

As far as Mattel's plans go, I suspect they might do a version of the new modern Lion Voltron design before they go after the vehicle version.

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I'm thinking about it. Anyone know if it has any action features? Does it shoot missiles?

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Very tempted, but like everyone else, need more info. Hopefully it'll be awesome, cuz Mattel's Voltron stuff has been pretty underwhelming so far.

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The original metal ones from the 80s had the same problem with the shoulders getting all floppity. It is a common problem with die cast robots. I also had the same issue with Combattler V.

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Well, it looks like Mattel sent cease and desists to the stores that had this up for preorder. Looks like if you want it you'll have to find a seller outside the US.