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Is this figure Janet from the Avengers? If so, what comic books did she appear in (what year or what artist drew her like this)? I would like to see if I could find some back issues of Wasp in this outfit and why they chose this costume or who was using the costume at the time. Thanks for the help


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That figure's based on how Janet appears from Avengers 394 (January 1996) until the series' final issue, 402 (September 1996). Mike Deodato Jr. drew most of those final issues, and so I assume he created that particular Wasp design. =)

The "Continued Avengers Service and Chairmanship" section of Janet's entry at the Marvel Database sums up why she had that appearance, and how she got back to normal: http://marvel.wikia.com/Janet_van_Dyne_%28Earth-616%29

After sustaining severe injuries during the Crossing, Pym put Janet through the same process that had originally given her her powers. This temporarily mutated Janet into an almost completely wasp-like form. In this form, she was among the Avengers who seemingly gave their lives to absorb the energy of Onslaught, in reality being shunted to an alternate dimension. She was later returned to normal by Franklin Richards, and helped to re-assemble the team after this event.