New Captain Action...ugh!!

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There's some good news & bad news. The good news is that I did NOT preorder any of these horrors. (And I was sorely tempted last year.) The bad news will be self evident when you see these GIANT HEAD disasters. Look...I wasn't expecting HotToys quality, but I was sorta anticipating a human-looking figure...not a hydrocephalic bobblehead!

Round2 came so close. The costumes look pretty nice...and the gloves & alternate hands would seem to be a nice touch. I had hoped that, rather than trying to ape the quirky, kiddie look of the original Captain Action's silly masks, that Round2 would adopt swappable HEADS. Guess not...

Even at the refreshingly low price point, I would not buy one of these for anyone over the age of 4, unless they were severely visually impaired. YMMV, and I'm as nostalgic as the next buzzer...but inhuman proportions are a deal breaker for me!! Too bad. This new Cap Action line held such promise. Round2 had a good idea, and evidently worked to modernize Cap's base figure design...somewhat. If fact, the new Cap Action may even look more comical than the vintage Cap with his squinty face and overly long, "monkey arms."

Crawford has an excellent, though thoroughly disappointing review of the base Cap figure and the two initial costumes.

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Based on the Previews photos, I was really looking forward to the Spidey and Cap sets. After looking at Michael Crawford's review pics, I can't see myself buying these. Too bad.

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Yikes! Thanks for pointing this out! I quickly went and canceled my pre-orders. I don't mind the cartoony head sculpts, but those huge noggins are really, really bad. And to think that these were delayed.

HGM (not verified)

I think you guys are making a mistake. I've been a Captain Action fan since the toy was first released in 1966 and this product looks superior to that one in all ways, in my opinion, based on all the pictures I've seen and sites I've been checking out. The face sculpt is much better and more rugged looking than the original, body is better made, with more articulation, etc.

I'm sure they didn't want to do the head swap thing in favor of masks because it would defeat the whole purpose of Captain Action. That was his thing. He puts on masks and costumes and becomes other heroes.

I think you giving up on the line based on one review, even if it is Michael Crawford's, is premature. I know for a fact that Michael didn't understand how to put on Spidey's webshooters. He tried to put them on over the Spider-Man gloves instead of on Captain Action's wrists. I also suspect that, at least with the Captain America and Spider-Man masks, that he didn't put them on correctly, hence the bulgy side ear areas on Spider-Man.

None of the issues I've seen mentioned have been uncorrectable, even if they are real issues. It's been my experience that no project of this magnitude (bringing back and improving upon a cherised 60's icon) goes off without a hitch in its initial release. It's just necessary to document the
problems and make sure that they are fixed in the next release. And I'm confident that Round 2 will do just that.

Anyway, just my two cents.

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I'm right there with you on some of the criticism, but I don't agree with the hyperbole; they are not "horrors" or "disasters." I'll definitely buy the Spidey set if for no other reason than because they finally got the underarm webbing right! Even mighty ToyBiz couldn't get Spidey's underarm webs right! Laughing out loud