Any chance of NECA or Disney Store John Carter figures?

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I saw the film last night and ended up loving it (despite a few weak spots and a wooden lead - but hey, we liked Star Wars despite Mark Hammills acting, right?) It's everything a movie based on a Burroughs pulp novel should be. I would love a Tars Tarkas figure - is there any chance or indication that NECA or the Disney Store might have some exclusive figures?

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I'm supposing that if the movie does exceptionally well, we could.

But as it stands now....nope. Not a chance.

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too bad as the film is very good. Disney shot themselves in the foot by sinking 250m into an unrecognizable character, changing the title and having an all around terrible marketing campaign.

But Hot Toys did Prince of Persia and Watchmen. Here's hoping they see the fanboy appeal of the film and at least give us Tars Tarkas and The Princess of Helium...