HeroClix Online Showcases Marvel Galactic Guardians

HeroClix Online Showcases Marvel Galactic Guardians

Previews New Figures Ahead of Physical Release

February 21, 2012 - HeroClix Online developers today announced the next online set to be featured in the "Figure of the Week" program, in which two figures from an upcoming set are made available weekly for a limited, promotional price. The new set, from Marvel, showcases the upcoming Galactic Guardians collection and will run this Thursday, February 23 through Wednesday, March 21.

Not only will the figures be made available in advance of the full collection and at a promotional price, but they also offer a preview for players and collectors of the physical game as the physical Galactic Guardians figure sets will hit store shelves March 21.

Figure details for the first two weeks will be revealed on HeroClix fan site, HeroClix World, and figures will be made available in the official HCO store.

More information on the Figure of the Week program can be found here.