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Anyonelse here like drawing stuff?
Here's a Daredevil sample page from my website Smile
[tried embedding it but think most of my art files are too big for the forum]

Anyonelse up to anything interesting artwise? After doing webcomics for ages, I'm refining my style and giving superhero comic pencilling a go for fun [quite a ways off being that good, but working at it :)]


Paploo ^_^

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I try to! lol

Sorry...I took that with my phone.... Puzzled

AH. Okay, backstory on this. This character is called Sasquatch. About 8-9 years ago, I had a gentleman who had an in with a toy company. At the time, the toy company used to make a lot of original properties, meaning nothing licensed out. Such as how Mattel doesn't have to pay rights to He-Man, or Barbie...those are THEIR intellectual parties. Well, this "gentleman" informed me that he liked my concept of a supernatural/X-Files-esque take on a Wild West line and wanted to pass it along to said toy company. I didn't want it to be like Wyatt Earp. I wanted it to be Wyatt Earp meets Hellboy (which the toy company I was proposing to made toys of, coincidentally). Lots of mystery, paranormal macabre, name it. Had ideas for a comic, cartoon, video game, etc. This guy tells me to drum up some drawings, and sketches, some toy lay-outs...maybe some rough sculpts, and he could get me a meeting with the head honcho, no problem. Several weeks pass, with a few emails later, no answers to my IM's or emails, and my Wlid West idea falls to the way side. They have been filed away until now.

Regardless, this is Sasquatch, one of the side characters. My idea was that the Sasquatch folklore originated with the Native Americans, who used to speak of Mountain Giants. Well Sasquatch here was that mountain giant. He was the Indians self defense against the white man. They created the myth of a half man, half ape creature who tore men up to ward off any unwanted intruders to their land. They chose the biggest, fiercest man they could to help create the part. Sasquatch would wear bear and buffalo skins, be HUGE, to give off the illusion of the "Sasquatch". He would certainly look the part. However, little did the peace wanting Natives realize, maybe there was more to their myth than they realized, and Sasquatch was a little more savage than they had original thought. No so much one of their own...