Mr. Stinkhead's Top 10 Toy Fair picks

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DSC_1779 by MrStinkhead, on Flickr

Here are my Top Ten Picks from Toy Fair 2012. You can bet your toy budget playmobil is in there, as is some Dark Knight Rises...

I'm working on getting my video all edited and posted shortly, so in the meantime, enjoy.

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Do you know where those astronaut toys are going to be sold? Is it just for the Air & Space Museum gift shop?

Joined: 2012-02-15

From what I heard they've shipped from China, so they're waiting on retailers to put em up, they're not yet at Air & Space, but that's one of their intended targets. I have googled and haven't found anyone selling them yet, but the should be popping up. Even though the astronaut is about 5" tall, I'm hoping my playmo astronauts don't look too out of place sitting on there.